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First Family Trip Abroad

So our first family holiday abroad has come and gone. Our little trip to the south of France was idyllic. 38 degrees, private pool and some serious air conditioning were a few contributors to the trips success, along with the most accommodating Air BnB host you could ever wish for.

Our first hurdle was luggage. Where do you begin when packing everything that a 6 month old baby might need for a holiday? I may have gone overboard but we organised it so she could have her own case and we could share one. This meant I had tonnes of room to play with and so I did exactly that, I was careful not leave any beloved toys behind and before we knew it, the case was full. The airport was very accommodating and they allowed us to keep our pram until the very last second before boarding, this was a huge help. After all the planning, packing and having her brand new passport matched up to her tiny little face at every security check, we finally got to board. This wasn’t before she had giggled,smiled and cooed at every person we passed on the way.

At first I had my apprehensions about taking baby on a plane but I very much intend to do a substantial amount of plane journeys with her in the future and so thought It best to bite the bullet and do a nice little test run to France. However, I did take all the precautions I possibly could; baby pressure regulating earplugs, ear defenders, dummies and bottles all at hand to attempt to soften the inevitable discomfort of take off. In true style, we lost the ear plugs before take off and had used the bottles to feed the very demanding hungry baby before we had chance to sit down, let alone take off, this naturally left me in a state of panic. I was going to have to hold and tame her while she screamed the plane down, helpless to stop it. Although, much to our delight she wasn’t the slightest bit bothered or interested and in fact slept for pretty much the entire journey, which one day I will have to remember to thank her for. I should however mention,

that it wasn’t all fun and games, attempting to change a soiled nappy in an airplane toilet the size of a small cupboard, was certainly an eye opening experience.

The Air BnB itself was beautiful, located in a small town in the south of France called Marcheprime (near Bordeaux). We had our own air conditioned loft with everything you could ever need; private garden, pool, outdoor cooking area etc. We just so happened to book our trip in time for a European heat wave and so had the pleasure of 38+ degree heat everyday. This was a worry for my glow in the dark skin but I managed to come away without burning or any ridiculous tan lines. Baby coped super well with the heat (some may argue, better than me), but of course she spent 90% of her holiday bathing in factor 50 and napping in the air conditioned living room.

Overall I would say our first trip abroad as a little family was very successful and marks the way for many more trips to come.


One thought on “First Family Trip Abroad

  1. That AirBnB looks absolutely beautiful! I want to visit France one day, but it’s a bit more than a small plane fee for me to get there. Hopefully, one day.

    xx Jan
    (Check out my blog if you have the chance!)

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