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First passports, Weaning & Reaching 6 Months Old

Amongst the blur of sleepless nights and baby’s first cold I can see the check point that is 6 months old. The time has literally passed me by in what feels like seconds and left me wearing the same dressing gown and with the same unwashed hair. However, my what was once nothing more than a breakable, sleepy ball of exploding nappies and colicky belly has turned into a funny little person with her own personality and habits. Beyond her curly head of hair and big blue eyes she has developed her own little traits, laughs and facial expressions. She trying to talk (all the time, very very loudly and usually very very early in the morning), she’s trying to move and she’s also trying to eat.

This brings me to the extremely messy topic of weaning. Mess. Everywhere. So the first struggle is to know when weaning begins. The trick is to sift through the mountains of advice from other experienced moms and remember that your baby is more than likely going to be different. From waiting until 6 months old, to eating 3 meals a day from 13 weeks, I’ve heard it all. In the end I decided to ignore everyone else and go with my gut instinct. Eventually, I think it was around 4 months old when she spat her first spoonful of baby porridge all over the living room. It was a promising start. However, 6 months and 3 small meals a day in and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Perseverance is the key. We’re still battling with the ugliest and greenest of vegetables but I have faith that in time we’ll get there.

First passports. This was completely unknown territory. How do you get a passport for someone so tiny they’re yet to have their own real face? Turns out it requires a professional photographer, mountains of cushions and lots of patience. After 3 failed attempts at filling out the form, baby has her first passport. Which lasts her 5 years?! 5 years. In 5 years time the photo on that passport will act as nothing more than a nostalgic object as on no planet, will it be possible to recognize a 5 year old from her 4 month old photograph. Following the final arrival of the sacred document, we naturally decided to book our first holiday abroad, which is fast approaching. Now comes the next set of obstacles, including in flight entertainment of a 6 month old for a number of hours.


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