Pancakes and Adventures in Liverpool

So today marks potentially my favourite holiday of the year, Shrove Tuesday. Who doesn’t love pancake day?! A day when its perfectly acceptable to stuff your face with all kinds of toppings. This year I’ve noticed a lot more healthy alternatives such as oat pancakes and banana pancakes. This is all well and good and I commend those on their efforts, but I am very much set in my ways when it comes to this glorious holiday; strong white flour, eggs and milk will forever make the basis for whatever topping takes my fancy (usually lemon and sugar, the obvious classic). I’m also not one for the cheat option of adding water to those bottle-shaker-mix things. If you’re going to do it, do it properly.

Anyway, previously to this amazing day, me and my partner had our first weekend away without the little one. I was super apprehensive about leaving her with our parents for such a long time but I knew she would be in good hands. As she now sleeps for almost 12 hours a night in her own cot (at 11 weeks old!) it’s a lot easier for everyone involved when she gets to have sleepovers at nannies house.

We then ventured to Liverpool to see Kings of Leon at the Echo Arena. It. Was. Amazing! we stayed in a beautiful little townhouse hotel in the Attic room which was wonderfully rustic and private. It was also within easy walking distance to the venue. The band themselves were unbelievable and I would recommend this venue to anyone looking to see a larger band in concert. It was really nice to have a weekend away with just the two of us and the chance to almost feel normal again. Having a baby takes you through a whirlwind of emotion and responsibility and its sometimes easy to forget that before all of that, there was just the two of you. Now those same two people are on a huge adventure but its important to remember each other and take the time to appreciate each others company. It was nice to have a night away with nothing to think about but each other. On the other hand it was also nice to get home and reunite our three man wolf pack.

P.s. Im considering doing a week of blogs. I will write a piece everyday for a week on a different topic. Comment if you like the sound of this and if so, what topics would you like to read about?


One thought on “Pancakes and Adventures in Liverpool

  1. YES! I love pancake day too!
    Each year it makes me wonder why I don’t eat pancakes more often…they are just so good. 🙂

    Do you live close to Liverpool? If you do, my friends set up a board game cafe that also sells amazing cakes. You might like it. 🙂

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