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Thursday 16th February

Things are starting to feel a little bit easier. Baby girl is developing her own little personality and her brand new little smile makes all the work worth it (typing this whilst rocking a bouncy chair and having a very high pitched conversation with myself in order to keep her entertained). It’s amazing to watch her develop her own mannerisms and personality traits all on her own. I’ve never been able to understand how we learn how to do such basic things like smile and laugh and after watching my daughter learn these things….I still have no idea. Watching a child develop and playing a part in it has to be, by far, the most intriguing thing I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

We’re two months in (two months too quickly) and we’ve definitely found our own ways of doing things and find it easier to just take things in our stride. At first we were bombarded with advice from other Moms and Dads on how they did things and sat the time it was great! All we wanted was for someone to tell us how to keep this tiny human alive, but that isn’t how it works. Every set of parents are different, along with every baby. Finding the confidence to do things your own way, the way you believe is best, is one of the hardest thing I’ve had to come to grips with so far (amongst changing 19 nappies daily and trying to console a screaming baby which you are 100% sure is perfectly fine).

Yesterday we took baby for her first brunch. Although she was unable to join in on scotch pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, I believe she had a wonderful time (she slept the entire time). We also had a blast from the past when my mom found out an old tie dye baby grow that originally belonged to me! It was a very nostalgic moment for her to see another generation in a twenty-three year old baby grow. How she managed to only keep one baby grow I will never understand, I’m finding it impossible to throw away even a single vest and have instead turned to hoarding every item baby has ever laid eyes on… ‘this was her first baby grow’, ‘this was her 12th hat’, ‘this was her 19th blanket’ etc.

Thoughts of the day;

  1. Attempting book our first holiday abroad with baby is proving trickier than we first thought.
  2. Is been nearly ten weeks since I gave birth?!
  3. How many times do I have to listen to the music from her play mat before I go mad.
  4. Why do dummies have such a habit of disappearing?

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