Monday 16th January

Adjusting to normal life with a baby has proven challenging to say the least and luck this week has definitely not been on my side. I intend to become a primary school teacher and so this week I had two interviews for universities. The lack of sleep beforehand really did help with my nerves, as I was barely conscious once I arrived. Attempting to convince someone that I’m a competent student teacher whilst having a brain full of the best nappy rash creams and baby washing powders, proved difficult. Nevertheless, I got offered places at both and am excited at the prospect of becoming a teacher. Why look after one child when you can attempt to control 30?

I’m now 5 weeks postpartum and feel as if I was never pregnant. All I did during my pregnancy was moan about how uncomfortable I was or how ‘fat’ I was getting, but now that’s all gone and rectified I have found myself missing my bump. After creating life in your belly, a flat stomach seems somewhat mundane. If it weren’t for the photos of my enormous stomach it would all feel a bit like a dream. However, baby’s eyes are getting brighter and her periods of interaction are getting longer. There is no better feeling than knowing that smile isn’t wind, it’s really a smile.

One of my best friends is leaving me next week to explore the other side of the world and although I couldn’t be more happy for her, I’m gutted she’s leaving. We decided to spend her leaving night in style at the lovely place that is… Uprawr and we certainly went out with a bang. The morning after changing pooey nappies with a very turbulent, hungover stomach was not so much fun. I’ve decided that I will get through her leaving by remembering that her trip is open ended and so although this means she’ll probably be gone for a significant amount of time, me and baby have a secret hope that the other side of the world will be super boring and she’ll have no choice but to come home (if you’re reading this, let me believe it).


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