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Monday 5th December

Today is due date! Frustration doesn’t even begin to describe how I currently feel. I have officially been pregnant for 40 weeks! So any tips on how to get a baby out would be greatly appreciated. We spent the weekend walking around reservoirs, eating pineapple and horrendously spicy curries in a desperate attempt to get baby moving, but so far no luck. I don’t blame her really though, I don’t think I’d venture into the world in December either. Maybe she’s waiting for warmer climates. Weirdly I’m a bit sad that very soon I wont be pregnant anymore. I fell pregnant at the end of February and so that’s pretty much how I’ve spent the whole of 2016. Admittedly, I’ve done nothing but moan about it, but now its nearly finished I’m a little bit sad.

Annoyingly I feel more comfortable now than I have through my whole pregnancy. I thought by now everything would hurt and I’d be in constant agony waiting for childbirth, but nope. Other than my lack of patience and ginormous belly, nothing is really any different. This did mean that I got the chance to have a super fun packed weekend with two actual nights out. I ventured into Birmingham on Friday night and had the most fun ever. I’m so used to not drinking now that it wasn’t an issue and I think I was so grateful to be out with all of my friends that it didn’t phase me. However, it is hilarious when people spot the pregnant lady…


Inquisitive bystander: “OMG when are you due?!”

Me: “Monday.”

Inquisitive bystander: “What the &*!@?”


Besides the pregnancy wait, I am now 100% completely in Christmas mode. The Christmas tree is up and present buying has begun. Would you believe that SA and I very nearly bought each other the same pair of trainers for Christmas. Luckily, I got in there first and he thought it best to ask me before buying them so the disaster was avoided (don’t think he would’ve been as excited as me to be wearing matching trainers). However this does mean he has one less surprise on Christmas day.

Fingers crossed, any day now we’ll have our new arrival.


2 thoughts on “Monday 5th December

  1. ((hugs)) It is so hard waiting at the end! My fourth little one came on her due date this summer; it’s the longest I’ve ever been pregnant and it was a struggle, for sure!! Best wishes for the delivery. ^_^


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