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Top 10 Christmas Films

Christmas is by far my favourite time of year and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been watching Christmas films since around mid November in order to satisfy my, already well out of hand, Christmas spirit.  The perks of maternity leave, being that you can fill your time as lazily as you like and nobody ever has to know (unless you choose to tell the world through a blog). As it is now the week in which December begins, I feel that’s its acceptable to post about Christmas related topics. It was a struggle, but I’ve managed to narrow down my 10 favourite Christmas films, so in no particular order…

1. Elf


This needs no introduction. If you haven’t seen it, you need to.  Will Ferrell dressed as a giant Elf running around New York may not  (or may) seem like the most interesting storyline at first. However, It is absolutely hilarious. Elf’s slightly OTT love for all things Christmas is also something I find very easy to relate to.

2. Polar Express


I feel that this is only appropriate for Christmas Eve. I personally cant allow myself to watch this any sooner as I find it impossible to control my Christmas excitement afterwards. Its possible that you have more self control than I do in that respect but I warn you, this will break even the most rigid of Scrooges.

3. Christmas Vacation


A little bit more retro but this only adds to its brilliance. Its hard for me not to compare every scene in this film my own chaotic family Christmas’s, especially as this year is looking to be a lot more hectic than any previous, due to the obvious awaited arrival.

4. Home Alone


An obvious classic. No words necessary. Just watch it.

5. The Holiday


I can safely say that this is probably one of my favorite films of all time, let alone Christmas. Yes, it literally defines ‘Rom Com’ and yes, it has a ridiculously far-fetched and unrealistic storyline but I’m not even slightly ashamed. Real tears are shed EVERY time I watch this.

6. The Grinch


I like to believe that even the most anti-Christmas can be converted with a good Christmas film. The Grinch clarifies this same idea. If an odd looking, anti-Christmas, naked, fluffy, green type being can find his former love for Christmas, so can anyone.

7. Love Actually


Again, classic. So British. So Festive. SO Cheesy.  Everything you could possibly want. If you can get your head around the hundreds of intertwining storylines and not get distracted by a huge abundance of highly recognizable actors all shoved into one film, then this is a must for a cosy Christmas night.

8. A Christmas Carol (2009)


I know this is a remake and so many people believe the original is always the best. However, something about the unbelievable animation in this remake of a classic just makes the film (for want of a better word) better. Also, Jim Carrey plays Scrooge, which I believe is enough of a reason to watch anything.

9. Jack Frost


If you’re feeling up for an emotional rollercoaster then this is the one for you. I pre warn, you will cry. I suggest watching this as a starter for something slightly more upbeat.

10. The Snowman


Its probably more difficult to not watch The Snowman over the Christmas period than it is to watch it. If you’ve never seen it, it’ll be on TV at least 9478 times before you have to go back to work so theres not really any excuse.



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