Sunday 27th November

Day 14 of maternity leave and I’m starting to get used to this now. I also wonder how I ever managed to cope when I didn’t have every second of every day free to fill with mundane tasks and pointless crafts. Until now, I didn’t realize how many silly little hobbies I had. Baking, being number one. I use the term ‘baking’ loosely as though my ‘bakes’ may always look pretty, how edible they are is really just down to opinion…but I’m having fun making them at least! (I never have been much of a domestic goddess, hoping this comes included with motherhood).

Since finishing my degree I’ve re-ignited my love for reading. After not being able to choose what I read or having the time to simply read for pleasure for 3 years, reading became a bit of a chore. However, now with all the hours in the day and any book I like at my disposable, I am firmly back in contact with my former love. I am however averaging a new book every three days and so it is inevitable that I will eventually bury myself amongst books, never to be seen again (not paying attention to the fact I am about to pop and will probably never have peace and quiet to read again).

This year (and every previous year) I am really feeling the festive spirit. Having all this time to fully indulge in Christmas decorations and present buying has really sent my creative juices flowing. I have a new obsession with homemade Christmas crafts (taking any available opportunity to indulge in Christmas festivities before its considered acceptable). I am ‘that’ person hated by all Scrooge’s out there who, given the choice, would put my decorations up the day after Halloween. However, I’m under strict instructions not to put up any trees, decorations or presents until at least the 1st December. So 1st December it will be. Again, this is ignoring the fact that at any moment I could go into labor and then all Christmas festivities will have to be put on hold for the arrival of what can only be described as the best Christmas present ever (babies are for life, not just for Christmas). Things will however resume as normal shortly after her arrival.

For some odd reason this weekend; The Saturday after black Friday, German market in town, 9 months pregnant and the size of a house. We decided it would be a fabulous idea to indulge in a bit of non-online Christmas shopping. How wrong we were. Admittedly I did have the most fun ever, skipping (or a pregnant version of) amongst the Christmas festivities buying presents for my loved ones. However, waiting 20 minutes for my Starbucks and having to walk everywhere in single file eventually became stressful, and since its now dark at 4:30pm, going home and getting straight into my pyjamas seemed like a perfectly acceptable way to spend my Saturday night.

Thoughts of the day;

Still no baby.


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