Monday 21st November

Today marks 38 weeks pregnant. Full term. Baby 100% complete, and so the waiting game begins. Sleep has become a myth due to the fear of being crushed by my own body weight during the night so I spent the day fighting the urge to fall asleep in my chair.

I did however make it to Boston Tea Party where I enjoyed a very aesthetically pleasing brunch. Accompanied by the worlds hugest pot of tea (this did not help the urge to pass out at the table). Before we got too cosy we headed for the streets of Harborne in an aimless search for pointless, festive trinkets on which we could waste our money. Christmas scented Yankee candles being the most prominent buy of course.

Unfortunately this has sparked my festive spirit far too soon and led to me spending a substantial few hours making Christmas decorations and sewing names onto Christmas stockings to hang from our electric fireplace (very 21st century).  Might I remind that I’m on maternity leave for the next 9 months and so starting the festive decorations this early could mean they get extremely out of hand. Apologies to SA in advance. However, they will all stay hidden until 1st December, as it is highly inappropriate to reveal them before this point.

Christmas presents on the other hand are a different concern. As the arrival of baby becomes more and more inevitable, I feel as though I don’t have enough brain space to consider present buying and childbirth all at once. Frantic online shopping, beginning on 23rd December could be on the cards for most of my loved ones this year.


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