Friday 18th November

To my absolute delight, today marked my first pm get up since my teenage years. I opened my eyes for the first time at 12:15pm and it felt glorious. Of course this then meant day 5 of maternity leave proved to be no more productive than the previous.  However, today I have showered (bigger deal than you may believe). I refuse to let myself feel guilty for enjoying these last few days/weeks of freedom before mini me arrives. I use the term freedom loosely as I am currently a shadow of my former self, trapped in what feels like a body the size of the elephant. So I intend to appreciate every last second of time to myself. Although admittedly, I could be accused of wasting it by many as I lounge around all day in pyjamas reading novel after novel (Marian Keyes proving to be a current favorite author) and watching mind numbing television programmes (the likes of Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea and so on). I am however slightly disappointed with my efforts today as I have only managed the one cup of raspberry leaf tea.

In a desperate attempt to stay positive in these later stages I decided to fill my draws with all the beautiful clothes that had fit me previously as a sign of hope that they may one day soon fit me again. I feel as though imaging myself in these items may speed up the post birth recovery process.

Then began the wait for AG and MG to resurface after work in order to attempt a 3-course meal at the most local pub we could manage (due to inevitable birth scares we thought best not to venture too far). If we could have made it for 7:30pm it would have been be a miracle.

And we did! 7:30pm on the dot and off we went to indulge in as much food and gossip as possible at the most local pub available. AG informed us of the ins and outs concerning the move of her almost boyfriend and inevitable heartbreak. Whilst I mused over tales of pregnancy, which only seemed comical in this setting but were in fact the current bane of my life.


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